Varifocals – launch of new Signature varifocal with optics by Zeiss

Are you struggling to adapt to your varifocals? Do you find the distance and near zones too narrow?

Many patients now wear varifocal spectacles which combine distance, intermediate (mid-range) and near visions all in one lens, without any visible lines. All varifocals blur/disrupt the peripheral parts of your vision slightly. However, some varifocal lenses cause more interference than others.

Most basic varifocals use a “one size fits all approach”. Our new Signature varifocal, with optics by Zeiss, uses the latest digital manufacturing technology to customise the lens to your prescription and frame size and shape. This results in less peripheral blurring, giving you a wider field of vision and easy adaptation. Patients who have tried these lenses have been delighted with the quality of vision these lenses offer.

Our Signature varifocal is available in a wide range of lens materials including thinner and lighter, Transtions, and polarising. If you would like more details, please contact Grundy & Naisbitt, Coxhoe on 0191 3770628.


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